16 Birthday Gifts Idea

Jun - 26

16 Birthday Gifts Idea

Epic birthday surprise is your ticket to dodging THAT bullet. You know… the one that makes you THAT person, who plans the same stuff for the same events… Every. Single. Year.

Yes, it can be tough to keep annual festivities fresh. Especially if you are a party-planning committee of, well, one. But just imagine the look on the face of a significant other or a best friend when they happen upon some unexpected TLC on their big day.

Whether you’re looking for a secret party idea for her, a birthday gift for him that really wows the socks off, or a tiny gesture that conveys giant wishes—it’s entirely possible to take traditional b-day tactics from ho-hum to awesome…

Shake up a celebration with these 25 surprise birthday ideas!

1. Place a special delivery to work

It’s always fantastic when a birthday happens to land on a non-work day. But if there’s no dice on that chance, the next best thing is to add a warm glow to a day spent under florescent lights. Give an office space some sparkle with the delivery of pizza, balloons, cupcakes, flowers, fruit bouquets, singing telegrams, etc.

30th birthday surprise at work

2. Say “Happy Birthday” on a blog or ad space

The best birthday surprises come when least suspected by a recipient. So work ‘em into their daily ‘routine’! One wonderful way to do this is via online news sites or blogs that he/she catches up on each day. Pay a small price for the big smile incurred by utter disbelief, when your special person stumbles upon a personalized wish in a banner or sidebar ad space!

online birthday surprise for gifrlfriend

3. Fly in a long-distance friend or family member

When it comes to surprise birthday ideas for boyfriends or girlfriends, focus on quality over quantity. A big shindig has great potential. But having a sibling or best college buddy show up at the front door for a mini-reunion weekend, after months or even years of being apart, will bring unbeatable amounts of enthusiasm and memories for all.

best friend birthday visit

4. Explore uncharted territory

Everyone has at least one place that evokes a comment like: “I wish I’d gone there back in the day,” or “I want to go there someday.” So… take ‘em there! A birthday surprise like this comes with the flexibility of boasting any size scale, from the simple fix of a local restaurant that’s yet to be tried, to perhaps a grandiose journey to an entirely new country waiting to be explored.

surprise 30th birthday trip ideas

5. Movie montage of memories

Recruit family and friends from all over to send you a digital video recording that entails a wish for the big day or a favorite memory. Compile them all, getting as creative as you’d like to create one great, big personalized file/DVD that is bursting with surprise birthday cheer for the unsuspecting honoree.

surprise birthday idea for him

6. Snail mail

Ahhhh, the lost art of letter-writing, sealing, stamping, and sending. Strange but true, folks these days just don’t expect to receive fun mail through the good ol’ USPS anymore. Which warrants one heck of a fantastic surprise birthday idea. Send an ‘old school’ card or letter to the lucky person. Want to go a step further? Send an entire package full of festive b-day love. Or send multiple cards/letters over the span of a few days!

surprise birthday ideas for best friend

7. In-home personal chef

Just when he thought you were going to cook for him… get him to think again! Surprise birthday ideas for husbands like this tantalize the taste buds, while neither of you lift a finger. Hiring an in-home chef to create a mouth-watering meal is an easy way to enjoy a relaxed evening of elegance, quality time, and favorite gourmet foods together.

unique birthday surprises for husband

8. Rad radio message

What’s surprise birthday ideas for a best friend are short ‘n’ sweet but heard all over? Wishes sent over the airwaves! Chances are, you’ve been in his/her car or home enough to know what radio station is the favorite. So dial it up to request a song or give an on-air shout out to the birthday guy or gal. Whether commuting or just kickin’ it, it’s bound to make a radio listening experience all the more exciting.

birthday surprises for boyfriend

9. Yarn trail

Place a gift somewhere—anywhere, near or far. Tie one end of ball of yarn to it, then basically go for a walk. Stroll around the house, the yard, or maybe even wherever birthday festivities may be taking place. When you get to the other end of your string (or have reached your ambling limits), tape it to a small box or card for him/her to open, with instructions to follow the string for a birthday surprise!

unusual birthday surprises

10. Giant box full of balloons and…

This is one of the most clever ideas for delivering a surprise birthday gift. It’s best for lighter presents (likecards/certificates). Attach a gift of some sort to the end of a helium balloon bouquet. Gently stuff the balloons into a larger box and wrap, ready for your recipient to squeal with shocked delight when the box flaps open! Be sure to use enough balloons that they float up, but not TOO many that they get away from the lucky gift-getter.

surprise birthday gifts for her

11. Adult piñata

This is ideal for, say, a surprise 30th birthday idea. Or any ‘mature’ age that is still feeling young at heart. And the fact that it can be filled with much more than just candy only adds to the adult fun. Think along the lines of age-appropriate goodies like shooters, a gift certificate to conquer a bucket list wish, or a bunch of desirables that make up a ‘kit’ of some sort.

best birthday surprises for best friend

12. Door & hallway hack

This sort of birthday surprise for a best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend is a classic. And it can be accomplished in a couple of ways. Vertically rig balloons and streamers to fall into your honoree when a door opens. Or for a slightly less MacGyver-esque move, fill a hallway or a room with a ridiculous amount of helium fun for him/her to walk into.

surprise 30th birthday decorations

13. Not-so-typical picnic

This surprise birthday idea is perfect for a husband or wife. Include all the usual picnic fixings, but go beyond the basic blanket set-up for an even more romantic, magical meal. Think outside the box (or rather the picnic basket) for ways to decorate the area around the blanket. String mason jars full of LED tea lights from a nearby tree. Anchor countless pinwheels around your spot on a hill. Line the perimeter with balloons. And so on.

birthday trip ideas for girlfriend

14. Tick-tock, it’s a b-day clock

For those who love surprise birthday presents that just keep on coming, this idea is for them! Decide on as many ‘designated gifting times’ as you’d like throughout the day. Then wrap a corresponding present for each. When the clock strikes any of those times, your recipient opens the corresponding package.

surprise birthday gift ideas

15. More than a rowboat ride

What do you get when you add a splash of sparkling wine and a cute bouquet of balloons to a rowboat? A romantic birthday surprise for a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend! Take ‘em out on the H2O to drift merrily along. Make even more waves on the outing, by adding a buoy to the festive fun—one that just so happens to have a gift of sorts attached to it.

surprise birthday getaways

16. Birthday baño

This gem is reserved for those with a sense of humor. Decorate the underside of a john’s lid and maybe even the seat (because we can only hope that if you intend to use it as a surprise birthday idea for a boyfriend or husband, he’s the type to put the seat up when necessary). Then just imagine the sheer astonishment doing one’s business will deliver.

funny birthday surprises

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